@ Tambo Social - New Years Salsa Gala Dec 31st 2021The passion of the salsa dancer is unparalleled; rich, overflowing, mad

Join us to welcome the New Year with Boston's largest salsa gala. Our salsa community will come together to celebrate and dance the year 2021 away and welcome a wonderful 2022 If history is any indication, this event WILL SELL OUT. Buy your tickets today!.

*** DRESS to impress *****
- Live music with the RI salsa Band.
- DJ Hernan and DJ Sonerito.
- Midnight toast and party favors
- Our own NYE photo-wall - Salsa and Bachata room.

No partner required - Full bar
FREE Parking
Validate Parking only $5 --> Landmark's Kendall Square Cinema

Address: Dante Alighieri Dance Hall
41 Hampshire St, Cambridge, MA

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NYE Salsa GalaDance with MAD The passion


We at Tambo care about the health and safety of our guests and staff. Following the citi of Cambridge protocol, using a mask is strongly recommended. and proof of vaccination will be required

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How is the location? how big is it? how is the dance floor? Don't ask and just look at the this video to see how the studio look like VIDEO

  • Dance with everybody: It is only a few minutes of your life, however you can provide a great experience for someone else.
  • Smile: This is not a root canal. You might meet your new best friend.
  • Go easy with him/her: Pay attention, where you are taking her, are you relaxed? Don't search for the soul...yet.

Where is Tambo located?


Directions to Tambo
41 Hampshire St, Cambridge, MA

We are only minutes from Harvard Sq and Central Sq and 6 blocks away from Kendall Sq red line

- Free parking in front of Tambo
- Validated parking at the cinema Parking lot, 2 blocks from Dantes, directions Here

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Do you have a question?
Please email hernan at bostonsalsero.com
or call us at seven-eight-one 771-8914
Thank you